February 6, 2016  Pristina, Kosovo


If you organize a referendum on Serb integration in Kosovo’s north, the results would be overwhelmingly against it, and though Pristina and the Albanian population publically support integration, they don’t seem to want it either, argued participants of a roundtable of Kosovo Serb leaders organized by the Council for Inclusive Governance on February 22, 2016 in Pristina. “Nobody wants integration, but it is an inevitable evil and we have to find a way to do it, the sooner, the better.” Albanians are not ready to share state responsibilities with the Serbs. Serbs are also not ready to assume such responsibilities. As a result, we have a superficial integration, not a substantive and sustainable one, which largely depends on the whims of political leaders, who can strengthen or weaken it with a few political statements. Below is a brief report from the roundtable with a list of conclusions and recommendations by the participants on how to improve the situation.

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