April 18, 2018  Pristina, Kosovo


With the main focus on the dialogue in Brussels, little attention is being paid to governance, rule of law, and effective public services. “Trends on interethnic relations are positive, but on governance are very negative. We have now more corruption and stronger organized crime than ten years ago. If these trends are not reversed, ten years later we will be worse off as societies,” was a conclusion of a discussion of Kosovo’s civil society representatives, both Albanians and Serbs, at a CIG-organized meeting in Pristina in March 2018. On April 18, also in Pristina, CIG organized a follow-up discussion to consider these important issues. Participants attempted to answer the following questions: How to balance attention and efforts to managing both the dialogue with Serbia and improving governance in Kosovo? How can the current momentum of awaiting the EU determination on granting Kosovo visa liberalization be used to intensify efforts towards better governance?

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